The ZZAA Bazzar

Designer Artisan Jewellery, Desert Relics & Spiritual Tools

Unique pieces handmade from Crystals and bone, feathers and fur found in the Australian bush and the Australian desert. A wearable fusion of art and nature.

ZZAA embodies a positive connection between the human, crystal and animal kingdom. From stories of the Australian desert, ZZAA pieces are born. ZZAA creations are imbued with a natural, magical energy of Mother Earth. A timeless energy, outside of conventional fashion cycles and mass produced styles.

ZZAA promotes preservation of wildlife and respect for nature, within an ethical and self sustaining practice. No animals are harmed. ZZAA products are Cruelty Free. Materials are professionally cleaned and cured. Paying respect to the life of the animal. Preserving creation.

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